The “Xian Hu Sutra” is a set of one hundred and twenty-two questions and answers that help individuals find ways to alleviate suffering. It was believed to have circulated for forty years before disappearing, only to reappear when the world is in chaos. The scripture has since been recognized as authentic ancient calligraphy and has attracted attention from all walks of life.

With a total of 3339 characters, Xian Hu Jing has undergone three types verifications, confirming the ownership rights, authenticity, and valuation. It is the embodiment of cultural inheritance, innovation, integration, and spirit, reaching the highest level of Cultural significance for the East.

Through fragmentizing the scroll using NFT technology, this project presents the only way to own a piece of the “Xianhu Sutra,” making them highly valuable. Each NFT represents a fragment of the scripture, allowing collectors to own a piece of history and access its wisdom and teachings.

We see the use of blockchain technology in cultural preservation as an innovative and significant step forward. By bringing priceless eastern artifacts to the blockchain, it ensures that history is not lost to future generations