Our Vision
Our aim is to raise awareness and appreciation for Eastern culture, sharing its core values and traditions with the world, and fostering a platform for global cultural exchange.
Our Mission
To protect and preserve the cultural heritage of the East, by investing in and supporting cultural-significant projects and businesses, creating a more diverse, rich and prosperous cultural environment for our future generations.
We have deep expertise across public and private markets

Private Assets & Alternatives

deep expertise in private markets, from cultural assets to infrastructure financing


public and private market investment strategies for institutions of all sizes

Wealth Management

provides wealth management and financial planning for individuals, charity clients, family offices and advisers

We accelerate positive change for our clients and society

Our purpose is to provide excellent investment performance to our clients through active decision making.

We actively select companies with responsible and durable business models; those that are evolving to survive and thrive through the challenges ahead. And we’re a leading specialist in impact investing, for clients who want to maximise positive change.

We look beyond tomorrow for our clients

We design innovative products and services tailored to our client needs. Deep relationships and active, intelligent use of technology - including measurement tools developed in-house – gives us the edge. And our workplace is designed so our talented people can flourish and achieve the best possible results.

Our ESG Philosophy
Integrating ESG results in better investment decisions.
We believe that incorporating material ESG considerations into the investment process can add value which can result in higher risk-adjusted returns for our clients over the long term.
Engaging with investee entities can be constructive.
We recognise that responsible investing requires a patient approach with gradual changes in corporate behaviour over time. We firmly believe that companies that adopt sustainable business practices are more likely to deliver superior value that supports investor value in the long-term.